Humble Beginnings

15 01 2012

Hey guys,  welcome to my blog. This will mainly be a way for me to get my opinions on gaming out in the open, and to (hopefully) inform you guys a little in the process. I will also be de-stressing about real life a bit.

It all started just over a year ago, having just recently starting university, I decided to start writing something. I thought I would start with something I had experienced, so, being a 20-year-old who has pretty much spent his entire memorable life in education, guess what I chose? After about half a novel written out about the life of a teenager (I know, very original), my laptop’s  hard drive decided to break on me, meaning I lost the whole thing. Then after another half a year of hating technology for making me lose all my work, I decided to start writing again. Still wanting to write about something that plays a big part of my life, gaming seemed like the next logical thing. For my first attempt, I’m going to look at whether you should buy a 3DS, hope you enjoy. 🙂

The 3DS in 2011

The 3DS came out nearly a year ago now, and, let’s be fair, it’s had a bit of a rollercoaster ride so far. When it was released the internet exploded with complaints. ‘The battery life is too small’, ‘The 3D gives people headaches’, ‘There are no games out’. Then came the announcement of the circle pad pro, an attachment that adds an extra circle pad and two extra shoulder buttons. This made many people question Nintendo and their loyalty to their own design. Ninty then decided to announce a price drop aswell, making people question them even more, and leaving many loyal fans who had already bought the system feel betrayed, despite the free games they may have got as part of Nintendo’s ambassador programme.

Now in spite of all of these issues, the 3DS made a comeback in spectacular fashion, selling more in 8 months than the DS did in its first whole year. Now many people seem surprised by this, however, not me. there are many reasons why you should go out and buy a 3DS, and here are the biggest ones.

The Games

Now then, even as a very loyal Nintendo fan, it’s not difficult to say that this year hasn’t been great for the 3DS, aside from the two Mario games (Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3DS Land), the only real games that have grabbed most people’s attention have been the remakes of star fox and Zelda. On the upside for Nintendo, this really showed the selling power of Mario is still well and truly there. However, for us gamers, this was a huge let down.

2012 should however be the year we 3DS owners were hoping for, with a stellar list of already announced games, not to mention all of the (hopefully) amazing games that Nintendo have hidden up their sleeves, we’ll be playing our 3DS all year-long. Resident Evil: Revelations is the first of these to come out, (26th jan for us UK folk) this looks set to make a triumphant return to the good old days of resident evil, providing us with a true survival horror experience, as opposed to the much criticized formula of RE5.

With the likes of Kingdom hearts, Fire Emblem, Metal Gear Solid 3DS, Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, Harvest Moon and Blazblue all coming out this year, it certainly looks like we have plenty to keep us happy and quiet for a little longer about any of the system’s shortcomings. That’s not even mentioning any of the games that Nintendo have to delight us with. With Luigi’s mansion 2, Kid Icarus: uprising, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and even the possibility of a new Super Smash Bros. game, anybody would have to be crazy to not be excited about what 2012 has in store for the 3DS.

The Price Point

With many people opting out of buying the 3DS originally due to its hefty price tag, and it’s onslaught of complaints. Nintendo had no real option but to respond with a price drop. Now that you can get it for roughly £150, and considering all the games I just listed, there is not much of a risk anymore to say no. I mean really, comparing it t the DS and the new PSVita, the 3DS is a steal, with the DSi XL coming in at £130, and the PSVita costing £230 (or £280 for the 3G option), the 3DS is now great value, and anybody who isn’t at least tempted by buying one, is at least a little bit crazy.

What’s the catch?

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a risk in buying the 3DS this early on in its life cycle. I mean firstly, there is no way to make sure that the games will keep on coming, I mean, sure, 2012 is looking great, without a doubt, but beyond there we are basically going in blind. With the exception of Super Smash Bros. (which has no announced release date), there are no games announced officially for 2013 and beyond for the still young handheld. Now, you may all be thinking that this is just me being paranoid, however, we have to take into account the WiiU. Nintendo’s new home console is coming out this year, and with the disappointing launch of the 3DS, Nintendo will be making their best effort to have a stellar line-up for the WiiU’s launch. Now, this is great news, but, it could mean that the 3DS gets left in the WiiU’s shadow for 2013 and beyond. This shouldn’t be the case, so don’t worry too much, Nintendo are the gaming veterans, and they know what they are doing (most of the time), and they learn from their mistakes. I think I can safely say that Nintendo will have no troubles with running both consoles at the same time, after all, they have been doing it for over a decade. 🙂

Now, unfortunately that’s not all, with all the issues that have surrounded the system itself. There are already rumours spreading like wildfire around the internet about a 3DS ‘lite’ console. Boasting better battery life and a smaller, lighter design, (just like the DS lite did) it may not be just the time to go ahead and buy a 3DS, especially if you were one of the people who traded their DS for a shiny new DS lite. However, many people were disappointed these rumours didn’t include putting the circle pad pro into the design of the lite, therefore having no need to use the (somewhat bulky) add-on for the 3DS on games that will need it. Now, although these rumours may not be true, bear in mind, that it will almost definitely happen. Nintendo have a track record for revising the design of their handhelds, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lastly, just as a small point. The PSVita is also coming out this year, providing some real competition for the 3DS. However, the japanese have already started bringing up issues with the (already released, in Japan) console, and there is still a lack of games released for the handheld powerhouse. Now, as you may have just guessed, the PSVita boasts much more power than the 3DS, so those of you who love your shiny graphics will probably be much more attracted to the idea of buying a Vita over a 3DS. Now, I would personally say that the two are aimed at different market, with Sony going for the ‘hardcore’ market, and Nintendo going for a market of ‘everybody in the whole world’, you’re clearly going to get different mileage out of the two, and I personally say (if you can afford to) it’s probably worth getting them both at some point. However, with the 3DS having a lower price point, and a much quicker expanding library of games, I would personally suggest buying the 3DS now, and the Vita later, unless you really, really want to play uncharted on the go ASAP.

My thoughts on the whole mess

Well, since I recently bought a 3DS for christmas, it’s pretty clear where I stand on the whole matter. I say buy it, it’s cheap, there are plenty of games coming out this year, and its main competitor has not even released over here yet. Simply put, I think it’s a no-brainer, I don’t particularly care that there will be a new version of a console out, I bought an original DS, still have it now, and I don’t regret it at all, even though the next iterations were actually better. Also, having read the previews of the circle pad pro, I’m not that miffed about having to use it for the occasional game, especially if it gives me a better gaming experience. So go ahead, buy one now!!! 😀




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