Keeping you up to date.

22 05 2012

Hey guys. Well, just thought I would bring you up to speed with how my stuff is going. I am currently working on my review for Trials Evolution for, and I have changed my mind on the ‘InRETROspect’ idea. Not that I am not going to do it anymore, but, because Killer 7 was rather creeping me out, and turning out to be much more frustrating than I remember, I have decided to play through the original Devil May Cry for it now, because I can. 

I have also recently bought another copy of Zelda: Wind Waker, as mine broke a few years back, and have made it my mission to get the four zelda games I don’t own (note, I have actually finished them all already) and play a marathon of them over the summer when I finally get the chance. So, all I need now is link’s awakening, Oracle of Ages/seasons and Four Swords Adventure, and my collection will be complete. If I’m not wrong, I can pick up Links awakening (at least) on the virtual console on either Wii/3DS, so that should be easy enough. Soon, I can proudly say I own every zelda game (and it will be about time too).




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