The Indie Scene

25 05 2012

Right, so firstly, I would like to point you in the direction of It is a fantastic site that I just found out about that is for all you indie game lovers out there, and not only that, but they are offering you lovely people massive savings across a bunch of platforms, even including a couple of free games too 🙂

Right, now, when I get round to it, I’m going to be writing up a list of the best songs to play games to (probably shooters). Now, I realize that music is a huge matter of opinion, so to help this, I have my friend helping me out. I’m in the hope that doing so will make this list a bit less one-sided. So, when I have thought a bit more about it, and spent longer listening to music and refining my list, then I’ll write it up for you lovely people. So watch this space guys! 




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