Lava boats, because Sh!t just got real.

24 05 2012

Hey guys, thought I would firstly let you know that my review for Trials: Evolution is live, so check it out here:

Now, I have been playing a lot of minecraft on the 360 over the last couple of days with my friend Dan, however, when we found several rooms filled to the brim with lava, I couldn’t help but feel like there should be some better way to get over a pool of lava to grab some of that elusive obsidian, so, I decided that there should be lava boats in this game. Clearly, iron can hold up to those searing heats when it is in the form of a bucket, so why can’t Steve just go ahead and make a giant, man-sized bucket and float around the lava in it? makes perfect sense to me 😛

Lastly, as it is my mothers birthday today, I thought I would bring you guys a list of the worst parents in gaming. So, I’m currently working hard and writing that, so watch this space, it should be up here soon 🙂


A Hardcore Shooter

23 05 2012

Hey, guys, just thought I’d fill you in on today. Basically, I’m rather busy, so probably won’t be able to post anything til tonight at the earliest. However, the good news is, I have now joined the writing force over at as well, so go check them out 😀

As apologies for not bringing you some new content, I bring you a picture of a pony I just made instead, enjoy! 😛


Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

22 05 2012

No, I don’t mean this kind, even though it is awesome 😛


No, but rather today, I thought I would share a discovery with you all. Over the last couple of days, I have been watching many videos on Youtube by this guy: That’s right, PeanutButterGamer, now, although many of you may have never heard of him before, I have personally found him to be rather amusing. Plus, he seems to be a huge Zelda fan, like me, and has recently done a whole bunch of videos on it for his ‘Zelda Month’ so, I would like to recommend him to all you guys, as even his videos that aren’t Zelda based, are still pretty damn funny. Give him a watch 🙂

Oh, and I thought I’d share this with you too 🙂

Link using his powers for all the wrong reasons, as usual.

Right, and today I come with more news on me! that’s right, it’s time for my daily update! Well, I have just finished off writing my review for Trials: Evolution, so you should see a link for that on here whenever that gets posted up on all those internets, and now you can actually rate and comment on my articles (past and future) on, so you can finally let me know what you think of them :). Now, I am going to try and get another article of some description up on here in the next 24 hours for you guys, however, I have an exam tomorrow, and other responsibilities too, so please be patient with me. If I can’t find the time, I’ll be sure to find you an amusing link or something to pass the time with instead 😀

Thanks for reading 🙂


Keeping you up to date.

22 05 2012

Hey guys. Well, just thought I would bring you up to speed with how my stuff is going. I am currently working on my review for Trials Evolution for, and I have changed my mind on the ‘InRETROspect’ idea. Not that I am not going to do it anymore, but, because Killer 7 was rather creeping me out, and turning out to be much more frustrating than I remember, I have decided to play through the original Devil May Cry for it now, because I can. 

I have also recently bought another copy of Zelda: Wind Waker, as mine broke a few years back, and have made it my mission to get the four zelda games I don’t own (note, I have actually finished them all already) and play a marathon of them over the summer when I finally get the chance. So, all I need now is link’s awakening, Oracle of Ages/seasons and Four Swords Adventure, and my collection will be complete. If I’m not wrong, I can pick up Links awakening (at least) on the virtual console on either Wii/3DS, so that should be easy enough. Soon, I can proudly say I own every zelda game (and it will be about time too).

Oh my! heaven smiles!

20 05 2012

Right, so I have been playing through Killer 7 as I said in my previous post, and I think I have left myself mentally scarred for life…God knows how my younger self managed to wash away those mental images, and the noises…oh the noises o.O

On a couple of other notes, I finally got round to buying Double Dragon on the Master System today. I have never played it properly before, and truly look forward to it. Oh…and here is my minecraft review…enjoy 😀

My Pixelated Pickaxe

19 05 2012

Hey guys, just to let you know, I have just finished my review for Minecraft, and although I said I would be posting my stuff up on here. I have decided that I will be writing reviews for, and posting you guys the links through here.

However, I have also had an idea to do something which I call ‘in RETROspect’, now, I know it isn’t very original, but I will be playing through some of my favourite games of previous generations (and possibly very early this-gen too, depending on my mood) and seeing if they a) hold up to the test of time, and b) if I would still class them as one of my favourite games ever. So prepare to see some of my fondest gaming memories either rekindled, or torn to shreds. I personally cannot wait 😀

Into The Unknown

16 05 2012

Hey guys, basically, I have not posted on here for ages, so for that I am sorry, basically, to cut a long story short, it has ended with me now writing for So although I will still be posting whatever I write for them on here, I am going to recommend that you start going to there for all of my articles instead, as not only will you be able to read all my stuff, you will be able to read all the other cool stuff that my fellow writers will be posting too…it’s kind of a win-win situation 😀

Right, as I want to keep this site strictly about games, I will post any other type of review up here for you to have a look at. So here is my review for RockMelt, a new browser based on Google Chrome that is very cool: